7 Asthma Prevention Tips for home


Asthma is a problem in the bronchioles (air passages) will be sensitive to environmental triggers leading to inflammation and narrowing of the airways within the lungs along with excess mucus production leading to severe breathing difficulties. The number of asthma cases in the population seems to increase every year, perhaps mainly due to higher levels of pollution in our environment.

While there is no quick fix cure for asthma, there are a number of simple preventive measures you can take to help control asthma so that

1) Limit Dust

It is important to keep dust inside the home to a minimum by regular vacuuming with a cleaner installed with a high quality filter to trap dust. Other furniture and household items should regularly wipe down with a damp cloth to eliminate dust buildup.

2) Avoid Mould spores

Rooms and other damp areas should also be avoided as mold can often grow in such areas as mold spores can become flying, call asthma attacks in the same way as pollen. Always extraction fan in bathroom areas and if necessary wipe excess water from walls etc after showering to prevent mold from growing.

3) Ban smoking indoors

Smoking may not only trigger asthma attacks but also increases the chances of a child developing asthma as home smoke free environment to prevent potential problems it creates.

4) Avoid pollen

Pollen from flowers and grasses is a major trigger of asthma and should be avoided if possible. The warmer months are particularly important for asthma sufferers as the pollen in the air is the greatest and it is advisable to stay indoors where possible to prevent the possibility of a pollen-induced asthma attack.

5) Food Preparation Smells

The smoke and the smell given off when cooking can be a major irritant for asthma sufferers so take steps to reduce such problems. If proper extraction fan is not available then make sure it is an open window in the kitchen to help cook smell to escape out.

6) Limit Pet Us

If you have a cat or a dog, it’s a good idea to limit contact and wash your pet regularly as fine particles of hair, saliva and skin are all known asthma triggers. Also ensure that the pet does not come into the house as pet hair easily attaches to furniture and bedding and is difficult to remove completely.

7) Regular exercise

Leading a healthy lifestyle is a great technique to control asthma. As long as you keep any medication within reach and follow the doctor approved fitness regime benefits of exercise in controlling asthma can not be overstated.

by simple measures of asthma prevention above will greatly reduce the frequency and severity of asthma attacks. Prevention is the best treatment for asthma and the seriousness of this situation should not be taken lightly and attacks can lead to death in some cases. Take action to control their asthma and breathe easier starting today.

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