An Asthma Diet – take control of asthma


asthma – a respiratory disease that makes its victims breathless during an attack – can be terrifying misery. To respond to the specific allergen or other trigger, respiratory asthma person become inflamed and constricted so that normal breathing is significantly hindered.

Consequently asthmatics subject to a number of drugs to relieve their symptoms and prevent attacks. But there is nothing more to prevent asthma symptoms of the disease that significantly limit their exposure to allergens known to trigger symptoms

For some it may be environmental triggers, seasonal components, or everyday exposure -. Such as pet dander or dust – which should be as limited as possible. But some asthmatics are just as seriously affected by the food they eat. So in order to reduce their symptoms and the chance of attacks they apply strict asthma diet so that they can increase their chances of health.

An asthma diet is different for every asthma sufferer. While some people are very aware of the foods they are allergic to, others must keep accurate records and special tables to which foods seem to correspond to increased symptoms.

Some preservatives in foods also trigger asthma. As part of asthma diet, food ingredients should be reviewed. When it is decided what specific foods – or preservatives in them – are the culprits that can be avoided by using asthma diet

For those who want to experiment with asthma diet, food. The journal can be very helpful in determining your specific triggers. Keep it with you at all times so you can keep accurate track of what you eat and how you feel. If a food allergy is the culprit, then you should be able to take a pattern very quickly. Then you can make lifestyle changes accordingly.

If you are not sure if the food is a cause of asthma, then you may want to consult your nurse. Your doctor will be able to test for specific allergies so you know for sure what to avoid. This combination of medical and preventive self-defense in the form of asthma diet can put you back in control of asthma.

Asthma does not have to dominate your life. An asthma diet is just one way you can put you in control of your day so you can enjoy a healthy and symptom-free life.


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