Analysis of children with asthma – Why is it complicated



There is always a very complex task to diagnose someone with asthma, the identification of a child is much more difficult than adults. Most doctors almost never analyze asthma in children under 2 years of age because they can not make any scientifically proven test to confirm this diagnosis. Only some advanced medical institutions carry out such a test, but most still experimental situation.

Methods of analysis child will vary depending on how old he is. If your child is still a baby then prepare yourself for a lot of questions about his medical history as well as his symptoms but if your kid is more than 4 years, it is easier to make a detailed analysis with the help of different tests.

There are some asthma specialists that are trying to identify children with asthma, even if they are under 1 year old. Even though the baby is not able to tell us how he feels, are the most common symptoms clearly visible as wheezing and coughing, however, there are some problems:

  • Babies are small and weak airways, so they often suffer from respiratory diseases very similar to the symptoms of asthma,
  • symptoms are not the same in all asthma cases – you can even have the disease without wheezing which is usually considered the most common signs of asthma and can also experience wheezing without asthma

In short, apart from the lack of test methods, there are a lot of other factors that make this whole thing more complicated, so it is the reason why you should rely on project analysis child to the doctor specialized childhood feeding problems . By taking a look at the symptoms, making medical diagnosis and family history expert should be able to make an accurate diagnosis. In some cases it may not be possible but you have to accept it and make sure you do everything to cure the health of the child regardless of whether they have asthma or any other respiratory disease.

The usual methods used to diagnose asthma peak flow and respiratory test but unfortunately, it is almost impossible to successfully undergo this test for children under 4 years. As the child grows older he will be able to take the test of lung function that can confirm whether the earlier analysis was correct, to detect asthma preschool children is much easier than in infants. If your child is already 6 years old, you should not worry about possible inaccurate analysis anymore.


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