Association of Pregnancy – Induced Hypertension and Asthma During Pregnancy


Is there Any connection between Pregnancy-induced hypertension and asthma during pregnancy?

Since, according to the statistics, pregnancy-induced high blood pressure is a major cause of maternal mortality, intrauterine growth retardation, and Prenatal mortality, it’s crucial to identify and take care of the risk factors of These medical Conditions.

Of interest is the fact That asthma Causes to vascular smooth muscle reactivity-which may be identified as a risk factor for hypertension.

Possible Explanation to the HBP – Asthma connection

There are at least three Possible Explanation to better understand the close association of asthma and pregnancy-induced hypertension and asthma.

1. One Possible Explanation could be That asthma is treated by Taking the Medicines and it’s a known fact That one of Them, glucocorticoid Specifically, might cause to Increased blood pressure. Glucocorticoid, also increase the risk of gestational diabetes.

2. The second Possible Explanation for the association of These two is that the stress-which the high blood pressure Causes Bring on asthma attacks, or vice versa. What are the Causes of the altered vascular smooth muscle reactivity Associated with elevated blood pressure are still unknown and further research and study of the issue is required.

3. The third Explanation That could be Both of Them are caused by a circulating factor affecting smooth muscle reactivity.

Asthma, the most prev caught obstructive pulmonary disease during pregnancy, like a hypertension, is characterized by abnormal smooth muscle reactivity and constriction, Although airways are Involved rather than arteries.

Local release of Bioactive mediators, cause to constriction of airway smooth muscle during asthma attacks. Histamine, acetylcholine, quinine, Adenosine, tachykinin and leukotriene are a few Among Many substances implicating platelet-activ ting factor.

In summary, both asthma and pregnancy-induced hypertension are Associated to circulating substances That cause altered reactivity and constriction of smooth muscle-which in turn Causes to increase of blood pressure. Howeverwhole, for a better understanding of the underlying mechanisms and to Improve methods of treatment still more research and study is required. This Can Help to identify the substances Involved In these Both Conditions.


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