Asthma Analysis – Testing lung capacity in patients with asthma


test lung capacity is generally done with asthma specialists to diagnose the severity of asthma. The asthma patient is asked to breathe in a sealed tube connected to a machine that measures the speed at which he can expel the air from the lungs and the total amount of air that is expelled. In many asthma patients there may not be any abnormal amount of air expelled. This means that the volume of the lungs is perfect, but there are obstacles in their bronchial tubes. This bronchial obstruction prevents air from being inhaled at the usual rate of speed that could be a sign of asthma.

The patient is made to undergo lung function tests and if the first set of breathing tests show abnormalities in the patient will be asked to inhale the bronchodilator and repeat the test. If the second set of tests show more than 20 percent im¬provement the exchange exhaled air the patient is usually diagnosed with asthma.

Machinery recommending such action lungs from relatively inexpensive devices, called spiro meters, very sophisticated high-tech computers that take a complete lung function. Most asthma experts have some type of breathing machine to analyze and monitor the progress of their patients with asthma.

Now type portable hand held devise known as Peak Flow Meter is used to monitor the flow through the bronchial tubes in the lungs. With Peak Flow Meter it is now possible for people with asthma to monitor their lungs their work at home itself. These meters are very helpful in recognizing the different levels of asthma attacks and determine any matter in the home or workplace trigger¬ing asthma.

Most doctors and asthma expert now recommend Peak Flow Meter with their patients. They believe that people who have asthma can benefit from using a peak flow meter. An asthma can adjust his medication daily by monitoring his progress with a peak flow meter. No effective asthma management plan is now complete without a peak flow meter. However, peak flow meters will not be much use to those with mild asthma it will help only those with acute or chronic asthma and those who need to take daily medication.


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