Asthma and heart


During an asthma attack you may have chest pain, your heart beats quickly and unsteadily sometimes. You could put these symptoms down the heart of the intensity and wonder if you might be about to have a heart attack. But let’s understand asthma from heart disease because they are two completely different things. Asthma will not damage your heart and hardening of the arteries will. It is a heart disease which can cause a heart attack and not asthma.

It is true that your heart is some stress put it on an asthma attack. Chest muscles, abdomen and diaphragm up to work harder in an asthma attack. They want more oxygen, but it is less of it available because the bronchial tubes Your have decreased. To make up for it, and your heart to pump more blood to the body and will beat faster – not much faster than if you had been running hard. You may well get cramps in chest muscle just like normal leg cramps, but this is a pain in the muscles and not from the heart. A healthy heart is fully able to meet the increasing demands placed on it and the attack reduces your heart rate back to normal without any damage to your heart.

So do not try to be worried that your asthma is going to do damage to your heart, anxiety can only prolong the attack. Remember my seizures be causing chest pain and cure for it is to relax and breathe slowly. Be aware that a serious asthma attack chest pain may last longer, but after a medical heart rate will slow down and it will go back to normal.


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