Asthma and management – Is there a cure for asthma


Patients with asthma should be examined to try to identify particular sensitivity. The most common substances that cause asthma are dust mites and animal fur

patient can be very helped by avoiding the animals. bedroom, including bed and bed-cover, should be vacuumed daily and bedding should be synthetic.

Mattresses are a major source of dust and dust shall be sealed in plastic bags by collecting from the vacuum cleaner and then disposed off in a garbage-bin.

Apart from diagnosis and treatment is necessary to inform patients about the signs and symptoms of environmental factors related to asthma. Desensitization to dust can reduce asthma attacks in some cases. Many drugs (tablets and inhalers open breathing tubes) are available to prevent and manage attacks. When serious attack does not improve rapidly in the usual prescribed medication, a doctor must be called as urgent treatment may be required in the form of injection

Warning :. not over-use an inhaler to prevent your concerns. Failure to obtain relief means you need urgent medical reassessment.

Moderate exercise and special breathing exercises can help some. Asthma can, however, be worse with movement and some sufferers may need to use Beclate inhaler for playing games, running, etc.

Swimming is a particularly useful function for asthmatics and it is less likely to provoke breathing constriction and can be used in a graduated training doctor may outline.

Warm saline gargles and steam inhalation regularly practiced by asthmatics to hold off attacks often. Written asthma action plan is needed for each patient, which should include instructions for daily treatment as well as methods for the detection and control of asthma exacerbations

Evaluation and monitoring :. Multiple measures current level of impairment frequency and intensity of symptoms, signs of lung function and limitations of daily activities. Decision on future risks should consider the risk of exacerbations, progressive loss of lung function or adverse events related to asthma drugs drugs. Some patients with a good daily activity when assessed can still be at high risk for frequent exacerbations

Medications :. Increased medication doses and types needed, and decreasing them when possible, depending on the degree of asthma. The methods have been tested to improve asthma management, new methods for monitoring asthma by testing sputum and breath air and treatment options tailored to specific patient clinical and genetic data do.


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