Asthma and Pregnancy


Asthma pregnancy is very delicate and should be treated with extreme caution, both for the unborn child and the mother. Pregnant women who suffer from asthma have frequent clinics with their doctors to be able to keep a close check on their condition. Along with pre-natal clinics.

Pregnant mothers with asthma have a special type of drugs given that can not affect the pregnancy. Take care and prevention are the number one priority of asthma during pregnancy. Women who are budding should not be exposed to conditions that trigger an attack. These irritants are weather, allergy to animals, environmental pollution, heavy exercise, fungi, molds and various types of food.

understanding of asthma pregnancy condition by seeing a doctor often can reduce the chances of falling ill mother. Mothers with this condition asthma should not smoke because it not only affects her but also could cause the baby to be born with an asthmatic condition. Treatment can be given for this situation but it needs to be under strict guidelines given by the physician.

There are inhalers are also available to pregnant mothers can possess. Loki and relieving inhalers have two different purposes. Valve inhalers are used to prevent attacks by using it often and keep lavage, while relieving inhaler give relief to the patient during an attack. When you have this condition, an inhaler a must have for all. This is because you never know when you can throw.


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