Asthma and Treatment


Asthma is a lung condition where mucus blocs passage ways in the lungs (bronchioles) and you’d find it hard to breathe. Asthma is very difficult, unpleasant situation. Asthma attacks could least initially. The frequency of attacks may increase over time.

There are various reasons for asthma. It could be an allergic reaction triggered by dust, strong smells like perfumes or the weather. Asthma may be due to heredity. Smoking tobacco is one of the main reasons asthma. Animal hair, animal excreta, pollen could also be the main causes.

Asthma is said can not be cured. But I have seen some cases of chronic asthma have been completely cured. As if any chronic illness you have to cope up with asthma on a daily basis.

With proper asthma medication can be brought under control. The frequency of attacks can be reduced. The most important drugs in the control of asthma, bronchodilators such as salbutamol and terbutaline. They provide immediate relief by expanding the bronchioles and make breathing easier.

Bronchodilators are available both in the form of tablets and inhalers. They can also be injected. They provide relief. And also if significant steroids such as prednisolone are used. Long steroids can have side effects.

inhalers deliver medication directly to the lungs. Not only relief is immediate, the amount of the drug would be much less than taking it in the form of a table.

certain steroids are used to prevent asthma. They reduce the inflammation in the lungs.

nebulisers are also used in the treatment of asthma. Nebulisers use a combination of a drug and steam to deliver drugs to the lungs. They are more cost effective than inhalers.

There are several other treatments for asthma. One important cure asthma Pranayama. They are a series of breathing exercises. I have seen several cases of asthma be cured by practicing pranayama regularly.

If your asthma is treated early can be kept under control with a combination of medication and exercise.


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