Asthma attacks – you can stop or prevent an attack Without Using Drugs



Although there are several known triggers of asthma, there is only one true cause. The cause is rarely discussed by the mainstream medical community. It was discovered by leading medical respiratory diseases in the last century but for some reason the information behind this discovery is not approved asthma sufferers.

health systems worldwide are not too concerned with alternative or home remedies for asthma or other misery for that matter. They are complex systems with many social, economic and political consequences. It is big business! Governments and companies do not make money from others or natural treatments.

It is now recognized among the leading respiratory physicians worldwide that asthma is just an imbalance of the respiratory tract and not a chronic disease. Many people, especially children outgrow or be cured of asthma without realizing how they did it. I can explain it!

Asthma is the body’s defense against uncontrolled hyperventilation. Once you understand why your body is manifesting asthma or asthma to be more precise, you will be able to prevent and reverse asthma

attack is a condition that can present themselves as various symptoms and :. Wheezing, shortness of breath, cough, chest tightness, blocked or runny nose and excessive mucus production.

There are many known triggers of an asthma attack which include, exercise, sleep, extreme weather, laugh, dust, pets, allergens, pollution, smoking or drug abuse. However, they are simple to calls. They can not possibly be the cause of asthma, otherwise they would trigger asthma in all, right?

lighten or rescue asthma medications are intended to mask the symptoms of asthma. They will open swollen airways very quickly and provide you with instant relief. By doing this, they are actually working against the natural defense of the body. While they do provide you relief at the moment, they have various side effects and will only make asthma worst in the long run by creating a dependency on rescue medication to re-open Airways, which is something that the body is very capable of doing themselves .

preventive medications are designed to improve the adrenal glands inability to produce sufficient amounts of cortisol. They contain a synthetic version of a natural hormone called cortisol cortisone or corticosteroids. Again, these synthetic drugs have various side effects and long-term exposure can affect the body’s ability to produce cortisol actually make your asthma worst.


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