Asthma – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment


Asthma is not caused due to certain reasons, but there are various factors that lead to the state. Causes of the reasons that lead to asthma include environment, genetics and even nutrition regime

Shared perilous aspects of growth asthma

– premature birth ..

– Exposure of children to tobacco smoke, particularly through the mother.

– If the child’s weight at the time of birth is low.

– If there is a record of family asthma or other sensitive condition called anaphylaxis conditions ‘, as’ hay fever, allergic conjunctivitis or eczema. ”

– The presence of ‘bronchiolitis’ in childhood, and the growth of other “atopic condition”

Evidence of this situation can activate with various peripheral factors such as :.

– weather conditions, such as cold atmosphere could cause asthma.

– Emotional factors, such as anxiety, pressure or even express amusement can cause asthma.

– Respiratory tract infections’s chest and airway. This is primarily due to a virus.

– parasites, fungi and bacteria can also be responsible call this state in some cases.

– medicines, drugs such as NSAIDs, which is ‘nonsteriod anti – inflammatory drugs “like” ibuprofen and aspirin “that are widely known can also lead to asthma. It is another medicine called – is also known as’ beta Antagonists “is given if the ‘high blood pressure’ cause asthma.

– Allergies, like dust mites, animal fur or feathers, and pollen also causes asthma.

– The presence of sulfites in food, sulphite is a natural substance that is found specific foods. It is also used as a preservative. Some foods and drinks with high value sulphites are shrimp, foods that are prepared, wine and beer.

– irritants that are carried by the wind, such as pollution of the atmosphere, smoke from a cigarette and fumes from the material also cause asthma

Before asthma attack occurs, it is a sign that something happens biologically. known as inflammation. This is one of the conditions the immune system aids in fighting diseases tandem with bacteria or viruses

Characteristics :.

Evidence of asthma may occur without clarify matters. Indicators consist of

1 – cough, especially at night.

2 – Shortness of breath.

3 – Wheezing.

4 -. Chest tightness

period and hardness of the pointers are random and inconsistent and sometimes worsen with working out or even at night. In the case of a severe asthma attack, start clues build gradually take 6 to 48 hours. It is important to keep a check on the tip as they would get worse, there are signs

1 – wheezing increases.

2 – The level of the ‘peak expiratory flow “drops.

3 – Restlessness.

4 – The heart rate increases

The characteristic symptoms of a serious asthma attack consist of :.

1 – difficulties talking and breathing.

2 – Increased skin near the neck and chest.

3 – increase in heart rate.

4 – Flaring nostrils to try to breathe.

5 – nails and lips tend to turn blue


There are many treatments for asthma .. First comes the “Personal Asthma Plan”, here a person suffering from asthma are told all he or she should be remembered and told about their own care, symptoms and attack various aspects of asthma. Then, the “Medical Treatment – the stepwise approach”, here the treatment is a step wise approach, depending on the hardness of the condition

There are five levels in this treatment ,. they are ‘mild intermittent asthma’, ‘regular preventive treatment “and” add – on treatment. “persistent poor control and continuous or frequent use of oral steroids”

The treatment of asthma is called ‘Exercise – induced asthma’.!, here medicine is given some time before practice, pattern exercise is changed and the condition is treated in accordance with



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