Asthma Facts – Types of asthma and causes


Asthma is a chronic respiratory disorder and is very prevalent in almost all parts of the world. There are mainly two different types of asthma. Sometimes symptoms similar to asthma, but not really qualified to be a full blown disease. This leads us to the need for understanding asthma thoroughly the disease and proper prevention and cure can then be pursued.

Asthma is usually roughly classified to be two. These are categories of asthma and classification based on simple assumptions dominant factors that cause the disease. These two types are:

the outer Asthma the outer asthma classified as the kind of asthma that develops when people tend to be an environment containing different allergens. Generally these people do not show any symptoms and appear to be perfectly healthy but upon exposure allergens effective to develop symptoms in them they can develop asthma symptoms very quickly.

Characteristics like that can range from mild to chronic dependent response of the body against the allergen. The people who generally develop asthma so show a tendency towards other allergies and infections also like eczema. If tested, it is seen that such people usually allergic to one or more than one allergy. These allergies can be of any kind. They can be food allergies or dust or animal dander or smoke or pollutants of any other.

It is important to understand that people who are usually prone to this type of asthma may have been suffering from recurrent mild to severe bouts of cold, cough and repeated sneezing. This usually occurs because the airway becomes weakened with every such bout of cold and since he is already prone to allergies, the chances of his system contact asthma become very high. This is also a type of asthma that is very prevalent in the younger stages in life especially in smaller children get exposed to pollutants in the atmosphere much.

In third-world countries, the situation is very bad for the patients showed tendency extrinsic asthma. This is because the laws that govern the effects of contaminants from various factories and development shops are very poor and most of the time they are constantly flouted. So the tendency extrinsic asthma may actually called the development or lifestyle disease.

It is also seen that many of the patients who show a tendency of this type of asthma can continue to be prone to various allergies even in later stages of life. Sometimes allergy triggered off from one type of allergen can be easily translated into a full-blown asthma attack, too.

sometimes allergies caused by allergens can lead to asthma symptoms but they do not qualify as full-blown cases of asthma. Allergies are very difficult to detect due to various allergens and a variety of reactions shown by patients towards each. But careful analysis by a qualified doctor can lead to a correct judgment in the diagnosis of asthma.

Usually most cases, extrinsic asthma can benefit tremendously with anti-allergy treatments of different types. This is because the disease is mainly caused due to allergens triggers and gets suppressed with adequate suppression of the allergen. But when the allergen is identified or even suspected patients must take in not exposing themselves to the extent possible

Principles Asthma :. This type of asthma is not usually caused by an allergic reaction to any kind of allergies. This may occur generally in the later stages of life. The disease may take full blown proportions and may occur all at once. This means that the disease has a way to go for people who do not have any history of similar or even remotely similar diseases. This includes not having any genetic history of the disease. These facts make it very difficult for the individual and the doctor psychological consent of the patient the disease is a key factor in any treatment. Since this disease is not triggered by allergies, these patients do not respond to anti-allergy treatments of any kind.

Intrinsic asthma usually occurs because of some lung diseases that may have existed for a long time but may not have been detected. Sometimes it is seen that patients who suffer from some kind of bronchial infection in early infancy develop internal asthma suddenly after many years of infection, healing and manifestation without any signs of recurrence of infection. This just goes to show that lung infection must be detected and treated properly and should never be neglected.

Also, people who have had any lung disorder should take extra care and get themselves checked from time to time. Such people should also make sure to get asthma properly excluded if they ever find themselves in situations where even mild symptoms of asthma are visible in their system.


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