Asthma – How to control what makes it worse


Asthma attacks can occur anytime, anywhere without symptoms. Here are some possible things that one can manage to prevent asthma attacks.


  1. Dander Animals :. Many people are allergic to fur or feathers, so please avoid them
  2. dust mites : The most common type of allergy patients Asthma and very difficult to avoid in life. But some things you can do to remain in force for a minimum of
    • your mattress with dust proof cover.
    • pillow covers to be dust proof and wash very often in hot water above 130 degrees F.
    • Wash bed linen once a week in hot water.
    • humidity in the house should be very low.
    • Keep away from cloth covered cushions, pillows, etc.
    • Keep stuffed toys.
  3. Pollen Generally pollens are the majority of asthma triggering factors. Indoors from late morning to afternoon and pollen counts peak at the time.
  4. Smoke :. Smoke anywhere as traffic, cigarette smoking or other burning sources should be avoided
  5. Strong odors and sprays : Do not use strong perfumes, body treatments, sprays. Keep away from kerosene, wood burning stove, etc.
  6. Cockroaches : Many people are allergic to dry droppings and remains of cockroaches. To avoid this always keep foods in tightly sealed containers. Use gel or spray to kill them but make sure you’re not in the room and stay away but the smell has become less or almost gone.
  7. Vacuum Cleaning : The vacuum any dust mites and dust in the house is distributed throughout and hence keep away from him. If it is not an option then use dust mask or filter of good quality.
  8. Foods & Beverages :. Many people may be allergic to certain foods & Beverages this can be determined by allergy test done and then you can avoid
  9. Drugs : Tell your doctor if you are on any medication so if there are any chances of asthma get triggered it is possible to prevent

I hope this helps as this is my personal observation I have seen people enjoy much of it. Also, always keep the inhaler well with you

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