Asthma – How to Cure Asthma


If you are prone to anxiety, stress or emotional upset, your chances of asthma attacks increases. Insulate and avoid anything that triggers your asthma by trial and error. You must learn to control their asthma to live a normal life. Calls can be allergic to such as dust and pollen. Some irritants like perfumes or spray can also trigger asthma. It is advisable to take extra precautions if you are down with a common cold or viral infections like cleaning. Your breathing becomes very difficult. You are wheezing and coughing. In some cases it may even be life-threatening. Here you will learn about the treatment and how to cure asthma.

Your doctor may recommend a course of steroids (prednisone) if your peak flow meter reading is below a critical level. This critical level varies depending on the size, age and gender. At the end of the course on the treatment of preventive medicine. Work closely with your doctor about how to manage and take these drugs to achieve the best results.

Using reflexology can take control of asthma naturally and no longer need inhalers, nebulizers or steroids. Reflexology is the art of healing that promotes health and prevents disease. Every part and organ of the body has a corresponding Acupressure point on the hands and feet. Reflexology is acupressure applying pressure to points on the hands and feet. This affects the nervous system. It relaxes the body and improves blood circulation.

You can treat yourself by providing reflexology work frequently. It’s easy to do reflexology while doing other activities. Build reflexology into your life. Be creative in how and where you apply the technology to be stable. Reflexology works like a pressure applied to the feet or hands interact as part of the nervous system by relaxing and improving blood circulation. You can follow six simple steps to treatment and how to cure asthma using reflexology:

  1. Hypersensitivity points helps to reduce the effects of asthma triggers.
  2. Treatment of endocrine glands that secrete hormones directly into the bloodstream. Hormones are chemical signal molecules that target specific cells and activate specific functions within them. They also manage, protect and enhance the immune system of the body. Adrenals pressure point produces steroids to relieve an asthma attack.
  3. Pressure point therapy lungs to clear the infection
  4. Kidney Pressure point to remove toxins from the blood.


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