Asthma in Cats Symptoms, Causes and Treatment


What is Asthma in Cats

Asthma in Cats – similar to human asthma is very chronic inflammation of the small passageways of the lungs a cat. Whenever an attack occurs, these types of corridors firing and harden, making it very difficult for your cat to breathe. This often results in asthma emergency, which turn out to be serious within a matter of minutes. Lungu is your cat may also start to loosen mucus in the air way, bring about fits of wheezing and coughing. Some cats have more gentle conditions just feel small, persistent cough. Because asthma can easily become fatal health, any kind of hacking and coughing cat must have a vet inspection.

Symptoms of asthma in cats

· Coughing and wheezing

· persistent cough

· Squatting with shoulders hunched, neck extended as well as rapid breathing or gasping for breath

· gagging a foamy mucus

· Open mouth breathing

· Blue lips and gums

· labored breath after exercise

· general weakness and fatigue

The Cause of asthma Cats

Although there are numerous factors that lead to asthma in cats is believed to produce allergic bronchitis. . Allergic bronchitis occurs when the air passages within the lungs cat is facing swollen due to inhaled allergens or some other factor that stimulates the immune system

Frequent factors that may add to the intensity of the asthma attack can be

hypersensitivity, such as pollens, molds, dust from cat litter, cigarette smoke, perfume as well as special food

· existing heart problems or disease

· Parasites

· Extreme stress

· Obesity

asthma like conditions cats may be related to various other diseases as heartworm, respiratory parasites, tumors, heart failure and pneumonia.

allergy affects asthma Cats

Cat Allergies The sensitivity external air-borne pollutants and pollen can play a role in asthma in some cats.

Cats sensitive Asthma

Asthma cats based generally ranging between 2 years and 8 years old, are more likely than male cats. Siamese and Himalayan breeds and mixed breeds often have asthma more often than other breeds.

My cat has asthma What do I do

Pay a visit to your veterinarian immediately if you think your cat has had asthma. The Vet will then carry out a physical check-up and probably point diagnostic evaluation to find the cause of the condition.

How Asthma in Cats get Intelligence

Given that asthma can be a lot like the ones from other diseases such as heartworm, pneumonia and heart failure, it is important for the veterinarian to carry identify the reason for his attacks. No specific test can confirm asthma regardless radiographs, blood work, an analysis of the bronchi as well as parasite tests could to rule out other factors.

Although it is

Treatment of asthma in cats no genuine cure for asthma, there are a variety of methods to effectively treat it. Efficient treatment can include drugs that clear breathing and reducing airway inflammation or adjust the body’s immune response. Similar to human asthma medicine is sometimes given through only adapted inhaler.

Prevent asthma attacks in my cat

Has your cat regularly analyzed for internal parasites.

· Reduce stress in your cat’s environment, since it has the potential to increase allergies and asthma.

· NO perfumes, room rates fresheners, carpet deodorizers, hairspray, aerosol cleaners, etc., for your cat.

· Avoid cat got to create a lot of dust, scented litter or debris additives.

· Dry air encourages asthma attacks, so keep an effective Humidifier go especially for the winter months.

· Hold the weight of your cat down and her body active

· NOTE, no cat should be exposed to tobacco smoke, however, should your cat has asthma , cigarette smoke is a complete no-no.


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