Asthma in children and adults


Children and adults who suffer from asthma are becoming more and more common. Children are smaller and are more prone to many different types of diseases. The most prominent one small children’s asthma. As they grow older asthma appears lesson, but it never goes away completely. Treatment and diagnosis from a doctor can help you determine if your child or you have asthma. Out of 20 million people suffer from asthma, 9 million of them are children. The scary part is that this number keeps getting bigger and bigger every year. It is something that should be watched for most children and identified early if possible.

Treatments can vary depending on the age of the person. We are all so different that treatments need to be specific to your needs. Allergy-induced asthma is the most common among adults, so if you or your child has severe allergies, you may want to watch the pollen count closely. You or your child may end up developing asthma due to pollen. There is no good explanation for why asthma continues to rise rapidly, the best thing you can do is be aware of your surroundings. It is best to be vigilant and alert to possible asthma triggers in your area. Children are more likely to develop asthma than adults because of their small institutions and how sensitive they are to pollens, air pollution and even insect bites. Adults have a larger body that gives them an advantage to help overcome many things. By having a larger body mass, our body can absorb more pollutants that unfortunately our children can not.

Between 70% and 80% of adults and children suffer from seasonal allergies. This number continues to rise every year due to many different factors. One factor is the pollution of our world. Take for example, diesel exhaust. Many of particle emissions from diesel exhaust has been shown to cause cancer. When drugs were made for inhalers, researchers tested multiple sizes of particles to find out what would be the best size for innöndunartaskm to use, so that drugs can be in the deepest parts of the lungs. The size of those found to be most effective was 2.5 microns. The size of particles coming from diesel exhaust as you can guess exactly 2.5 microns. What this means is that particles from diesel exhaust is going to the deepest parts of the lungs. With so many toxic and hazardous substances on our planet, our bodies are in a constant battle to clean up and get rid of these toxins. The bad part is that our bodies are losing this battle.

We are bombarded daily with many different types of chemicals and toxins. These toxins play a major role in contributing factors surrounding who gets asthma. If there was a way to remove these toxins and metals from the body, it would have to take it? I think by removing these toxins, problem asthma affects more and more young children could begin to decline, instead of constantly rising asthma statistics problem we have today. The problems we face today are only going to get worse because we continue to manufacture products and materials that pollute the air we breath and the water we drink. There are ways that we can fight this growing problem and that is to take something natural that can take out all the bad that we make every day. Then and only then can the body heal itself.


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