Asthma in infants


Asthma in infants can be caused by family history of asthma disease, the mother smoking during pregnancy, exposing the baby to air pollution and viral infections. Asthma infant can be very focused time for the child and parents. The physician should immediately seek any symptoms are detected. This can include wheezing, coughing and shortness of breath.

Just drugs should give the child to prevent and manage attacks. Because of the increasing prevalence of asthma, you will find that asthma infant is also increasing. As a result of urbanization, not many women do not take care of themselves during pregnancy and after birth. Some smoke during pregnancy. This increases the chances of a child who has the condition. Exposing an infant on weather conditions after birth can cause infections to the lungs. These infections can trigger asthma condition of the child.

An asthma infant needs special care. The feeding program should also follow the eyes. Breastfeeding is the only best option. Mother or Guardian have learned triggers for asthma attacks. Avoid this is necessary. A child may be allergic too. This can also trigger an attack.

good this asthma infant, it disappears over time. This is with proper medication, treatment and feeding. By the child is five years old, the situation may have disappeared completely or condition is very mild. Infant with this disease need a lot of care, love and support from family. This is to make him grow as normal as it can possibly be.


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