Asthma in pregnancy and lactation


Asthma is perhaps one of the most common diseases that can develop during pregnancy. It is also one of the most serious diseases that can develop during pregnancy. Since it is a condition in which inhibition of the important process of respiration is concerned it should never be neglected and adequate measures should be taken to alleviate the situation.

There is no evidence to indicate any increase in incidents of spontaneous abortions or development of congenital malformations in pregnant ladies with the asthmatic condition. General statistics available show that asthma ladies who get pregnant have disease progression in about one third of cases. A third of patients anther show no change in their situation and the last third show signs of getting better. It is very rare incident asthma patient has complications of the condition of her during birth.

In most cases, ladies return to their natural state of the disease within three to four months after birth. This may be indicative of the way of nature to support nutrition in human life. Some studies have indication that asthma occurs in one percent of all pregnancies. Some studies also suggest that asthmatics may have a higher chance of premature children or even the risk of defective infants or even infants with low birth weight.

It is generally seen that asthma ladies have more fear to show signs of any untoward complications during pregnancy and childbirth. There was a significant increase in delivery baby preterm birth and infants with low birth weight as a result of this. There are chances of increased bleeding during delivery. But there appears to be no concrete evidence of increased incidents of birth defects.

The condition of asthma must be treated sensibly during pregnancy. This is because the condition of asthma causes a decrease in the oxygen content in the blood and the mother instead of the fetus as well. This could well lead to a decrease in fetal growth, which can lead to varying degrees of deformity too.

The most common incidence of asthma occurs as a result requires a simple cold or upper respiratory infections in pregnant ladies. It is therefore advisable to avoid situations that come into contact with people with colds or respiratory tract infections for ladies who have a history of asthma when they become pregnant. Other pregnant women are also advised the same as it’s always a risk of infection and also because there are incidents of asthma development even in women who never showed the disease before.

medicines are generally considered to be safe can be used to control asthma during pregnancy. Most cases of defects caused by asthma will be due to improper management of asthma during pregnancy. Uncontrolled asthma increases the risk of acute respiratory failure that can put the lives of both mother and child at risk.

Allergy tests are not recommended to do during pregnancy. Although allergy shots are considered to be safe to continue during pregnancy, Allergists or asthma experts not recommend starting allergy injections during pregnancy. The combination should also not be self-administered without medical prescription and continuous monitoring. This is true with other drugs for asthma, even those that are considered to be safe for different types of patients.

If the delivery destination is done with the aid cesarean as asthma mother needs to be monitored very closely. This is because asthma patients undergoing surgery requiring anesthesia be closely monitored especially surgery requiring anesthesia. All professionals involved in the operation should be very well aware of the asthma patient’s condition. It should be all check ups and breathing tests before the operation. For patients in acute asthma is advisable to choose a hospital respiratory care unit is available.

Mothers asthma also need to be careful while breast-feeding the child. Mothers who have allergic asthma should definitely breast child because statistics show that children who were breastfed show lower symptoms develop allergies like eczema or asthma in younger levels. The drugs are taken by asthmatic mother for her condition to be carefully monitored for ten percent of the drugs taken by mothers end up in infants and are included in them. Some medicines can be harmful than others. Let deciding which drugs to be the prerogative of a qualified doctor.

Pregnancy, childbirth and breast-feeding the child are beautiful situations in the life of a woman. It is therefore very important to take ample care so that any impact infected condition of the mother should never consider a child


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