Asthma prevalence


In a word today, asthma incidence is very high. This is due to industrialization and urbanization. Asthma is a condition common in people living in urban areas. You will find that one in ten people live in urban areas has asthma. Job asthma prevalence is also increasing. As the air is polluted, the more likely one asthma.

Infant asthma prevalence is also increasing. This is because a high percentage of women who smoke, especially during pregnancy. As asthma condition continues to affect our society, what we need to do is pull it. This is by doing away with environmental pollutants. We should come up with environmentally friendly industry.

vehicles and factories contribute much pollution. Strategies to prevent harmful gases emitted into the air to look. As the air is polluted, people will always be breathing harmful chemicals mixed in the air. Therefore, the respiratory effect. The probability of asthma in this case are very high.

Asthma prevalence may be reduced if the case is sensitized. This is by letting the community know how serious the problem is, people should also teach ways to reduce the problem. This can also be avoided if people are taught about the causes of asthma and how to avoid it. Centers should be set up in different places where people can get more information on the problem. Pregnant women should also be given information on how to protect the unborn child from the situation. Therefore, the prevalence of asthma will go down.


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