Asthma Research


Asthma research can help millions in the modern world. In the US alone, this disease gives nightmares to about 9 million children and 23.3 million men and women.

Although the numbers are still increasing, recent research seems to be the proverbial ray of hope that can end the woes of millions of sufferers worldwide. Research is conducted in various parts of the world to understand and know the disease further.

Present-day treatments are exhausting, time consuming and expensive. Analysis conveyor belt depending on the number of trial and error method. Until the right medicine is founded by a physician, the patient lives under the threat of asthma attacks that come without any warning.

However, the number of side effects also cause problems in treatment.

According to the results of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, asthma treatments cost more than $ 12000000000 annually. It is a misery that affects all kinds of races and ages.

However, recently there has been an increased incidence of asthma in children and it has become the leading problem youth. Patients tend to develop inflammation of the air passages of the lungs that stops normal breathing process. The classic symptoms of an asthma attack include breathlessness, fatigue, chest tightness, wheezing, and coughing.

Various asthma research have been made in key areas around the world in an effort to look for treatments that are more effective and long-lasting.

Scientists are trying to understand the impact of various treatments through exposure to food allergens, environmental intercession and risk assessment.

Some other things like mechanics, pathogenesis and hereditary aspects of disease are studied in an effort to find a cure.

Recently, $ 54 million grant received by Penn State College of Medicine to conduct research on asthma and its possible cure. Of recently, a number of scientists in the field have shown that individuals and other resources can help to prevent and manage attacks in a big way. These are yoga, Chinese Traditional medicine doctors as acupressure and acupuncture and chiropractic treatments.

Even though it can be a difficult prospect to completely eradicate the disease, sufferers can live a normal life and do not fear attack by this means.

These conditions may also help sufferers to prevent allergen-induced asthma and even to keep the pet at home. So, in the case of asthma has robbed you of normal life, holding it back until the ongoing asthma research to find a permanent solution.


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