Asthma symptoms, diagnosis and treatment in dogs


Asthma in dogs is a rare occurrence. Dogs are more than often diagnosed with this cancer. The symptoms are more likely seen in the form of wheezing, coughing, sneezing and almost all kinds of similar experiences that people face when they suffer from asthma attack. Immediately get in touch with a veterinarian if you find your pet suffering from such symptoms.

How is asthma diagnosed in dogs?

In order to determine whether or not a dog is suffering from this respiratory ailments, veterinarian will first try to rule out the possibility or the frequency of other diseases. Some of them can be

– Kennel cough infection

– tracheal collapse

– Paralyzed larynx

– Cardiovascular Heart

– Lung worms Fungus

– Lung tumors

First, the dog will be required to go through a medical test, which is more than often made by your veterinarian. This test usually involves bronchoscopy and radiography. Bronchoscopy is usually described as an examination and biopsy is downloaded and installed for testing under technolgically advanced microscope. After the test, if it is found that there are no traces of other disorders, the diagnosis is indeed listed as asthma. After the vet will recommend some medications usually taken asthma for your dog to see if there is any improvement in the symptoms. If the results are positive, then your dog is certainly diagnosed with asthma.

What is the treatment and cure?

main goal of treatment is to bring about a reduction in asthma symptoms and maintain a healthy lifestyle for your pet. If the vet diagnosed asthma your pet, including treatments

Antihistamines – Reduces mucus in the airways Steroids – To control inflammation bronchodilators – help to reduce the inflammation associated with asthma attacks any combination of the above

All of these drugs are taken in pill form or inhalers. The dogs are usually needed to breathe with the help of a mask that is placed over her nose and mouth. At the time your dog breathes, the amount of medication that has been prescribed previously squeezed and placed in a spacer. However, keep in mind that doses have been presribed of veterinary only for individual pet. It may include other pets you have in your home. Dose adjustment, until, a perfect combination can be matched with.

In severe asthma attack, you may need to inject your dog with a dose of adrenaline. This is an urgent treatment you can take if severe attacks. It will help reduce swelling or inflammation associated with such attacks. Veterinarian will provide you with the necessary training to inject your dog if the situation arises.

Dogs who suffer from asthma are very prevent and treat. When you see a pet suffering from early signs, you can consult your veterinarian immediately rather than waiting for the time when conditions deteriorate and you will be helpless to save your life pet.


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