Benefits by inhalation of asthma


How can inhaled medicines help asthmatics? One important advantage is that they help you save money in the long run and keep you away from the hospital.

This is good news for asthmatics consider the health costs of asthma are great. The disease leads to reduced revenues due to lower productivity from lost days at work.

In New South Wales, for example, asthma is one of the top ten reasons for visits to doctors and amounted to 55,000 emergency room visits to General Hospital. In Sweden, people with asthma accounted for 23,000 hospital admissions, but in the United States, asthma is responsible for more than 460,000 hospitalizations and 1.8 million emergency department visits.

By reducing the symptoms and prevent further attacks, inhaled medications reduce the need for hospitalization and they allow patients to live a normal and productive lives.

Bronchodilators are used to treat asthma flare-ups and acute attacks and prevent exercise-induced asthma. They are often used when you feel it is needed or when you have symptoms less than once or twice a week. In moderate to severe attacks, they can be used more but not more than 3 or 4 times a day.

To treat moderate to severe persistent asthma are inhaled usually prescribed. Since they do not act immediately, must be taken regularly every day. They will not prevent attacks if you take them just the flare-ups. When used daily, studies show that these controls improve lung function, reduce symptoms, reduce the frequency and severity of attacks, and improve quality of life.

Generally, drugs inhaled fewer side effects than oral counterparts. Common side effects include rapid heart rate, muscular shaking and nervous. These side effects are temporary and usually disappear with continued use. There is no need to stop the drug.

Likewise inhaled small side effects. The most common are the mouth and throat irritation with a cough or oral yeast infection (thrush). This can be eliminated by using a spacer (large plastic cone attached inhaler) and gargling with water after each use.

Keep a diary of symptoms and the side effects you are experiencing. Show this to your doctor to get the most out of every consultation and follow a prescribed dose. Do not overuse drugs. Your doctor can help you if you take an active part in managing asthma.

How fill asthma diary? Find out in section 8 of our series. Do not miss!

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