Black Mold Health Symptoms in pregnant women


There is no doubt, when you have black mold growing anywhere in your house, it’s terrible for your health. Spores are toxic and they cause serious respiratory problems. It’s bad enough when you’re an adult male, but if you are a child or a woman, it can be a whole load worse. If you are a pregnant woman, black mold health effects can be downright scary.

In regular people, black mold health symptoms tend to be limited to a runny nose, a terrible racking cough and asthma. In pregnant women, however, exposure, as well as causing all of the above, can also affect the child – the fetus in development. You can not even lift a sigh of relief when the baby is born and seems fine because Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is said to be caused when a pregnant woman is exposed to toxic mold.

Black mold is so serious that its impact on the child that a woman is pregnant can be far-reaching. Children may be born with birth defects such as paralysis and it can actually happen to a child born healthy but who is the later. be mold spores afterwards. Basically, you do not want to risk exposure to black mold in pregnant women.

For some reason, doctors almost never warn women that they come to meet the severity of the problem. For example, pregnant women almost never warned keeping an eye out for the black mold around the home – even though it is increasingly common. The issue of mold can also leave you ignorant; For example, if you become sick or you’re just too busy to keep your house well, it is not uncommon to leave the food in the refrigerator and forget all about it.

When you remember a few days later, you will find that it is all covered in black mold. Of course you would normally throw it away immediately, but the problem has already begun to affect the mold already growing in the refrigerator for some time. The poisonous growth that spews out spores has been in the refrigerator and is now escaping all around your home! Who knows what else is infected, and who knows if there are spores just sitting around waiting for the refrigerator to latch on to something else. One just can not be too careful when it comes to pregnancy and the health of mother and child, and when it comes to problems with mold spores can have serious and far-reaching consequences.

Basically, if you ever suspect that there is mold growing anywhere in your house, like a pregnant woman, the first step should be to get out immediately and not set foot in the house until a professional has taken about it. The consequences are just too serious to be taken lightly.


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