Can Unstable breathing cause asthma


Asthma is a chronic respiratory related ailments characterized mainly by irritation and inflammation of the bronchial tubes and linings for allergens or other causes such as exercise, stress and certain substances found in food or liquid in the air. But aside from incorrect breathing can also bring about or sometimes worsen asthma attacks. In fact, research has been done on asthmatics showed that there is an optimal level of carbon dioxide that our body needs to function normally and all lower than this optimal amount is bound to lead to the onset of flare-ups and attacks.

Carbon dioxide is our body’s own natural smooth muscle dilator, when we have too little carbon dioxide in our system smooth muscles packaging small tubes of the lungs goes into spasm prevents air from moving in and out at will causing a feeling of heaviness. Aside from the oxygen that is already in the blood will take longer to issue brings about shortness of breath and ways of breathing ways of breathing which dries out the airways, blown and encouraging the formation of mucus.

But incorrect breathing habits can be successfully reversed with the help of professionals and constant practice. One approach that focuses on “retraining” The way asthmatics breathe in order to achieve better control and long-term relief of their condition is the Buteyko Breathing Method. Developed in the 1960s doctor Konstantin Buteyko does not claim to cure asthma with exercise and play, but offers asthmatics opportunity to improve their quality of life by being able to manage and control asthma to a large extent.

While patients who had taught some exercises that reduce breathing that are integrated into the daily activities and routines in order to prevent them from hyper Ventilating and give them more control over the attacks and flare-ups. The breathing exercise need not be practiced every day and are simple enough to learn in a short span of time. Patients are also encouraged to recognize their triggers and symptoms to make them more willing to use technology to prevent attacks from taking place.

By achieving normalcy in breathing, you will be able to reap certain benefits like; reducing upper respiratory chest, reduce asthma symptoms and control attacks, stop coughing and shortness of breath, relieve tightness in the chest, sleep better, you reduce dependence on drugs, reduce allergic reactions and improve your quality of life.

The way you breathe really has more impact on your state more than you might think and breathing retraining may be all you need to finally start to see a huge improvement and enjoyment of life.


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