Do not eat these foods if you have asthma sufferers


healthy diet recommended for asthma sufferers since some types of food might trigger any symptoms. If you are suffering from this disease, be very careful in eating will be very useful to prevent sudden attack. Surely, you do not want to take a big risk of suffering in pain just because you want to have a certain delicious food. Even though food allergies could trigger this respiratory problems in a small number of people only, avoid some types of food will be highly recommended.

Some foods might trigger asthma attacks since it could cause allergic reactions. The check meal well before you have it. If the meal contains additives benzoates, sulphites, gall magnates, and some pigments such as E102, E104 and E110, it will be better to avoid it. Then you should also avoid cider, wine and beer.

Other foods and drinks that you should avoid are foods containing yeast or mold like bread and blue cheeses. Nuts, especially peanuts, also should be avoided. At the same time, some sort of food such as milk, wheat and eggs also should be reduced.

Fruits and vegetables are generally safe for consumption. However, it will be better to avoid ripe bananas, oranges, lemons, sour fruit, sour fruits and pickles. Some vegetables have constipative effects or potatoes, arbi (Colocasia) and legumes are also very harmful. Can have white meat, red meat and fish, but only in small amounts. However, sea fish should be avoided.

Another simple thing that will bring a very bad effect for asthma sufferers is to have cold drinks. Usually, we think that some suffer temperature drink will not bring any bad influence for them. In fact, drinking water in cold temperatures could trigger their disease. Therefore, avoid drinking cold drinks will be very important to do.

Surely, to be very careful in choosing certain types of food to eat will be very useful to suffer your asthma. It’s kind of simple thing, right?


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