How asthma responded to a single dose of homeopathy – Antim Ars


homeopathy often creates a mysterious feeling of action on drugs for novice homeopaths. The action in what is called the Constitution dose in homeopathy is often praised by expert homeopaths and there is much to learn from these experts.

hereby I explain the case of asthma that respond very well to a single dose of homeopathic medicine- Antim Ars.

Asthma is no doubt a crippling disease that worsens human health day by day. The serious wheezes could respond well to inhaled measured by traditional folk medicine. But this is certainly not a permanent solution to the problem; Nevertheless, the patient has to deal with more side effects of these drugs in the long term.

In order to avoid all these hassles, homeopaths often point people to go for homeopathic treatment right from the beginning so that it is relatively easier to handle than on heavy doses of steroids. Nevertheless, homeopathy will help at any stage if homeopathic doctor is able to understand the true nature of the disease and is able to apply the principle of his healing in the most positive way.

The thing I was saying about was not different. The 22-year-old man had come after a long battle with inhaled and other instant medicine for about 10 years. He was breathless, use inhaler increased in the last two years, it was terrible wheezes, and he was unable to conduct day-to-day routine with ease these days.

He still was tidier, had dressed well, was clearly cold at the slightest cold air, wheezes were audible, he felt very sick, his breathlessness worsened eat; so he selected an empty stomach, and it was a productive cough. This key notes, he was prescribed three doses of the anti ARS 200 and told to take a right to go home and repeat the dose the day if he thinks he still needs.

follow-up was scheduled for 4 days. And within 3 days asthma disappeared like he never had asthma before, with only 2 doses of Antim Ars. This is not a miracle cure, we all need to remember. Homeopathy is not a miracle. If homeopathic principles are applied correctly, with the right remedy, and the right dose, then come miracle. Since then, the patient has no bouts of asthma whatsoever and if he gets any allergies or infections, help simple remedies to take away the problem immediately without delay!

Certainly not in all cases, so fast results are achieved. Some cases do give us a headache, what is going wrong. But in most such cases, either remedy choice or dose goes wrong or maintain some strong cause still to be cleared as smoking. Homeopathic selected properly and never disappoint us!


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