How dangerous is Black Mold Exposure during pregnancy?


Discover mold in your home can be bad enough under any circumstances; but finding growth this nasty stuff when someone pregnant can be devastating because it can be harmful to both mother and child to be born. Black mold is known to get nutrients from the source to grow and the organism that produces the process is said to be very harmful to people with weakened immune systems, especially for people suffering from respiratory problems. Although no hard and fast evidence has been produced to date, doctors and experts are of the opinion that this particular mold can cause miscarriage or birth defects in the unborn child.

It is after these negative assumptions in mind that health experts recommend pregnant women to move away from the house, invested with the dreaded black mold for the safety of both mother and child. Even though there is no clear evidence to date, studies conducted on the subject shows that many moms are being exposed to mold had either suffered a miscarriage or the baby had been born with birth defects. These studies have addressed men as well as animals and the results, although not conclusive, have indicated much of the dangers pregnant women face when will this mold

It is well known fact that the black mold has a devastating effect on the airways and scientists believe to be exposed to the toxic effects of mold could very well be the cause of asthma when the child is in the womb. Still dangerous connection has been made with black mold and “Sudden Infant Death Syndrome” where infant suddenly stops breathing. Health experts believe that this could be due to being exposed to the toxic effects of mold than the uterus probably continue after birth and at the time of death.

With many health experts claim that allergies develop in the womb itself, it is their belief that exposure to toxic substances, such as toxic black mold may cause respiratory tract and especially in the cause of asthma in the womb. Even certain other diseases as chronic fatigue, they say, could have developed from becoming a mold while in the womb, but no concrete evidence has been produced so far.

proved or not, it is important for the mother to be to ensure that she and the child may not have any adverse conditions before and after the birth and one such way to do that is by keeping his house without mold by having a home tested professionally by experts. Besides, if she happens to work in the office, it is best to take precautions by asking the board to get the house inspected for mold. This could be a good thing not only for the mom to be, but for everyone in the office as well, as it is always better to be safe than sorry.


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