How to Cure Asthma


What is the difference between God and a doctor? God does not think he is a doctor. How do you tell the difference between a physician and a banana? If the banana does not go rotten in 14 days then it is not a doctor. According to your doctor asthma is incurable, or as your doctor learned after 8 years in University envying the number of women chasing the quarterback, as a doctor in a jealous and drunken rage referred to in secret his diary as a “hairy Neanderthal”, asthma is a “chronic (permanent) inflammatory conditions of the lung. ” Journals schools and big companies and big drug company executives have pawned this deadly myth for so long that now even they believe it.

20 million Americans suffer from asthma. Does this mean that we should lay the blame for asthma on our creator? Did God do not know how to create a functioning lung? Are we just prototypes in the vast laboratory of God? Perhaps without inhaled all the asthmatics would die out and the human genome would be freed from this genetic defect and then future generations would evolve into a species with perfectly functioning bronchial tubes. In the interest of future generations perhaps you should throw out the puffer and just choke to death sacrificing your life for the common good. This can get you into heaven if you forgot to put your $ 5 in the collection plate last Sunday. Did Jesus asthma? Did Jesus ever cure asthma? Did Jesus know that asthma was incurable? Did Jesus go to medical school? Did he play football? Mary Magdalene a cheerleader for the Jerusalem University Keepahs?

Reasons environmental organizations are going nowhere are myriad. One of them is that the word environmental is a combination of the words Environmental and mentally. No one knows what the word means ENVIRO that leaves us with the word mental. People just think that these people are mental. Father George Bush referred to them as “the spotted owl crowd”. His son George proclaimed that there is no proof that global warming exists. Jesus called leaders of the day as snakes, blind guides, leading us all into the fire. The United States, which likes to think of itself as a model for the world thinks of the US as the black sheep of the family is the highest per capita polluter in the world. The reason that pollution groups are going nowhere is because people do not understand the meaning of the word pollution. The world is like a giant Jonestown filled with people believing that poison can not kill them because some Bible writers, scholars, and who Jesus referred to as snakes spewing deadly poisonous them lies in your Bibles (Matthew 23) wrote this baloney in your Bible 2,000 years ago in “The Earth does not move and it never will” three times. If God wrote the Bible, not just that he can not create a functioning lung but he is also very poor in astronomy. Your Bible has 2,000 pages of God’s Word and no cure for asthma? Maybe if George Bushes had paid a little less attention Holy Bible and looked at the Greenpeace website several times, Greenland, Antarctica and the Arctic would not now be melting into the world’s 1 ocean which will shortly cause the sea level rise 50 feet leaving nothing left in the United States unless peaks of Vail, who will be the Prime Minister of the beach.

in the Holy Bible God commands the cutting away of the foreskin, not the foresight. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure especially when there is no cure for asthma. The pollution, the particles of poison in the air that we breathe into your lungs like a deadly air cyanide, hemlock and snake venom gets into your lungs when you breathe air, it inflames the lungs and you have asthma. If you want to get away with lung poisoning children with deadly poison material so that they can not breathe then give Poison name that no one understands, as “carcinogenic”, cancer causing substances coming out of the exhaust pipe of the car like a bullet that hits its target and then explodes 10 years later in their lungs and then slowly eats you alive kvalarfull lingering death. It was announced yesterday that in Beijing, the site of the next Olympic Games, where the smog is so bad that more car accidents are caused by low visibility than msg, over 100,000 Chinese died last year from indoor air pollution in skyscrapers them from materials closed off from carpets his furniture, and poor ventilation. Who would want to open a window in Beijing, although the office did have windows? The air in Beijing is so filled with poison gas that the 100 yard dash at the 2008 Olympics has been shortened to 10 meters. What is a big deal for a cure for AIDS in Africa? If everyone remained a virgin and then only had sex with a partner it would be no sexually transmitted diseases. Is this the secret to deliberately held from the African people? You can not break the laws of nature but if you do it will break back.

Mold is a fungus, a tiny flying animals that can only be seen when magnified through the lens of a microscope. Some molds exist in nature and we breathe it in all the time in small amounts and our bodies can handle it. However, in larger quantities, or in people with immune systems weakened by all the poison we breathe in every day, these tournaments that we breathe in, that multiply in the lungs and digestive system, these molds cause allergic reactions, aka contraction of the airways, aka chronic asthma, chronic bronchitis and chronic emphysema leading to death. The end section 14 of Leviticus recommends that in some cases when these molds get into the wooden walls and stone house, you will tear down the house and rebuild it.

Doctors, ie allopathic doctors will treat the symptoms of asthma and not the causes. Allergists will identify you with mold allergies and inject you with mold for 5 years of useless and painful treatment. Respiratory specialists will give you cortisone inhalers which cause thrush, candida, yeast, mold, fungus throat bloodstream then carries to every organ in the body, including the lungs thereby aggravating the problem and making the doctors and the drug companies rich. Jesus commanded that everyone sell all his possessions and give all his money to the poor. Are there any Christian doctors? Are there any Christians?

Here’s the good news. Go to naturopathic doctor, your doctor of naturopathy. Take the best from what both traditional and naturopathic doctors have to offer. Actually naturopathic doctors should be called traditional doctors since they are the doctors who are using herbal remedies have been used and are tried and true since before biblical times, as recommended in the Bible. In many cases, asthma is caused by breathing in air mold, it is a herbal remedy that can cure it. Oil of oregano has been scientifically proven to kill bacterial infections which penicillin can not kill, viruses which “nothing” can kill, molds, yeast and fungus. Many drugs are ready manufacturing herbal remedies, plant medicine put on earth by God to save your life. Oil of oregano with sage and cumin taken in capsules will kill off the mold and remove the root cause of asthma, tiny animals eat their way through your lungs like they eat through wood and stone no matter how much you clean the surface. Circulation will take Oregacyn capsules (oil of oregano, sage and cumin – search “oregacyn”) that can be purchased over the internet or in health food stores to all parts of the body, including the lungs and kill the mold and cure asthma. It is also good to take non dairy acidophilus, the healthy bacteria in our bodies which beats back mold and NutriBiotic grapefruit seed extract tablets which also kill the fungus. Years ago Doctors accused naturopaths practicing voodoo medicine and the Government threatened to ban herbal remedies as being unsafe. (Some are unsafe. Check with your naturopath and your doctor and your health food stores to see which ones.) Today many drug look more like health food stores and pharmacies. In the struggle for power, control and money in medicine and in religion, it is always the patient who ends up the big loser. If the 200 countries on Earth decided to make World Peace they could do it overnight at the United Nations. Unfortunately Holy Bibles and your religious leaders you forbid it. Also the weapons manufacturers and are pulling the strings of politicians, and they will never allow peace, where nuclear world war III causes the extinction of all life on earth forever in the near future, which will also put an end to asthma once and for all. Think of it as radiology theology coming to your rescue.


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