Learn About Asthma – causes, symptoms, prevention and treatment


Introduction to Asthma

Prolonged hyperactive and over-excited Airways are the main causes of asthma and such conditions further punctuate acute reversible airway obstruction. And the reasons for this disorder has yet to be completely understood, it is generally believed that those who suffer from asthma typically experience irritating dust, viral infections and smoking in particular. These irritants are responsible for muscle contraction in bronchial condition that can “bronchospasm”, and that even initiate the excessive production of mucus. Thus such conditions make the situation more serious and suffer is not able to breathe properly. Character attacks can be different and can vary in time as well. There is no specific age for this disorder takes place every person of any age can be a victim.

Major Cause

Asthma is usually caused due to some kind of allergic irritating particles like dust or smoke, but in some cases some other factors are also believed to be responsible for this situation . General irritants that are responsible for this situation are the smoke, viral infections, dust particles, the specific types of drugs, pollen and consumption of certain types of food. There are several other diseases that are associated with asthma and eventually become the cause of asthma are generally hay fever or eczema. Some other factors like any emotional tension, stress or abnormal manner of exercise can also be the cause of asthma.

Possible symptoms

difficulty breathing, rapid episodes of breathing, wheezing, cough production of yellow or clear sputum, a sense of suffocation, painless chest tightness, shortness of breath which is usually relieved by sitting and relax and sweat breathing. These are usually symptoms.

But those symptoms that are seen in severe cases, inability to speak, excessive sweating, a feeling of anxiety, stretching the muscles in the neck and rapid pulse rate.

During an emergency when the conditions are extreme blueness of the face or lips, confusion in behavior, very labored breathing or feeling very tired out.

How can Asthma be avoided?

One should be very careful about some things to avoid serious situation. The first to define all the irritants that cause problems, creating an environment free of such irritants. The carpet is not really easy to clean should be out of the house and the house needs to be cleaned regularly. One should strictly avoid smoking and also avoid the company of those who smoke.

One should drink at least eight glasses of water every day to keep the airway fluid loose excretion of mucus. One should practice deep and relaxed breathing every morning to give some exercise on the air way, it would keep them running. As practice can also prove harmful in such situations so one should consult a physician in this respect and practice the prescribed exercise.

How can asthma be treated?

A very common device known to each one “bronchodilators”; through the specific medicine is inhaled which can instantly relieve severe attack, a medicine used in this inhaler prescribed by a physician. This treatment, however, is instant and quite effective as well, should not be too patient begins rely on it all the time. Corticosteroids, if inhaled regularly, can prevent the underlying over-voltage. If attacks become quite frequent then the oral bronchodilator medication or anti-leukotrlene agent may be very useful in reducing the frequency of relapses and may prevent serious cases. It is recommended that innöndunartaskm should use a spacer, the spacer ensures the arrival of the drug into the lungs properly and thus make the treatment more effective.

A “peak airflow meter” is a device that is very useful for patients suffering from asthma and it can alert the patient well before the time of the coming attack, because it is mostly recommended by doctors. Corticosteroids pills are commonly prescribed by doctors for severe situation, and if your doctor is able to identify specific allergens then he / she will probably give you desensitize injections.

In some cases, no treatment is working at home you should immediately call an ambulance.


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