Natural cure for asthma – what you eat and drink can Asthma better or worse


There are many different causes and triggers of asthma. Along with the many causes are also many solutions. Some of these solutions are actually quite normal. There are a variety of natural healing that seem to work for some people, though they may not work for everyone. Many of the natural cures for asthma involve the ingestion of food and supplements.

What you eat and drink can be a great way to naturally cure asthma. There are many foods out there that help to reduce the symptoms that cause asthma attacks.

Foods that are high in vitamin C are great for helping to relieve asthma condition. Also, fatty fish and onions are great too. All these foods have anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, they will help keep the air way open.

Not only are asthma attacks caused by narrow airways but they are also caused by the structure of mucus (known as mucus plug). There are foods that will help reduce the amount of mucus in the air passages devices. Spicy herbs are great for this. These foods are chili, hot mustard and garlic.

Magnesium is probably the best of all the supplements that can naturally cure asthma. More and more studies show that magnesium prevents asthma attacks. In fact, in many hospitals magnesium is actually one of the first things intravenous (directly into a vein) to stop severe asthma attacks. Taking 500 mg of magnesium a day has cured some people of asthma.

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Coffee to reduce the duration and severity of asthma attacks. This is probably because the caffeine in coffee is a stimulant that causes the air routes to open. However, make sure you drink coffee black because of any dairy product could trigger an allergic asthma.

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green tea to be one of the many natural and effective cure asthma. Although it can not cure asthma completely, many have found that if they drink it daily, they have much less asthma attacks. Also, if you drink it when you feel an attack of green tea often prevent attacks.

Of course, what works for one person may not work for you. But almost everyone should be able to cure or at least their asthma naturally. The key is to find the doctors who work for you.

Some of the best natural cure for asthma involve the consumption of food and drink supplements. Some foods, drinks and supplements often cure or at least asthma are foods with vitamin C, fish oil, spicy food, magnesium, coffee and green tea.


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