Asthma symptoms, diagnosis and treatment in dogs


Asthma in dogs is a rare occurrence. Dogs are more than often diagnosed with this cancer. The symptoms are more likely seen in the form of wheezing, coughing, sneezing and almost all kinds of similar experiences that people face when they suffer from asthma attack. Immediately get in touch with a veterinarian if you find your pet suffering from such symptoms.

How is asthma diagnosed in dogs?

In order to determine whether or not a dog is suffering from this respiratory ailments, veterinarian will first try to rule out the possibility or the frequency of other diseases. Some of them can be

– Kennel cough infection

– tracheal collapse

– Paralyzed larynx

– Cardiovascular Heart

– Lung worms Fungus

– Lung tumors

First, the dog will be required to go through a medical test, which is more than often made by your veterinarian. This test usually involves bronchoscopy and radiography. Bronchoscopy is usually described as an examination and biopsy is downloaded and installed for testing under technolgically advanced microscope. After the test, if it is found that there are no traces of other disorders, the diagnosis is indeed listed as asthma. After the vet will recommend some medications usually taken asthma for your dog to see if there is any improvement in the symptoms. If the results are positive, then your dog is certainly diagnosed with asthma.

What is the treatment and cure?

main goal of treatment is to bring about a reduction in asthma symptoms and maintain a healthy lifestyle for your pet. If the vet diagnosed asthma your pet, including treatments

Antihistamines – Reduces mucus in the airways Steroids – To control inflammation bronchodilators – help to reduce the inflammation associated with asthma attacks any combination of the above

All of these drugs are taken in pill form or inhalers. The dogs are usually needed to breathe with the help of a mask that is placed over her nose and mouth. At the time your dog breathes, the amount of medication that has been prescribed previously squeezed and placed in a spacer. However, keep in mind that doses have been presribed of veterinary only for individual pet. It may include other pets you have in your home. Dose adjustment, until, a perfect combination can be matched with.

In severe asthma attack, you may need to inject your dog with a dose of adrenaline. This is an urgent treatment you can take if severe attacks. It will help reduce swelling or inflammation associated with such attacks. Veterinarian will provide you with the necessary training to inject your dog if the situation arises.

Dogs who suffer from asthma are very prevent and treat. When you see a pet suffering from early signs, you can consult your veterinarian immediately rather than waiting for the time when conditions deteriorate and you will be helpless to save your life pet.


Asthma – Life Threatening Disease


Asthma is an acute lung disease, race, narrows and swells airway results in the chest tight, short breathing, severe coughing and wheezing sound. It is usually common in all ages of people and children of frail health, old age people and people with weakened immune systems may have it more often as compared to healthy people. Cough is often taken at night and early morning. It has been found that in the United States, there are more tan 22 million people affected by asthma more than 6 million children.

Because inflammation of the airways, difficulty in breathing easy and short breathing occurs. Airways to vulnerable due to inflammation and sometimes, they respond quite some substances are breathed in. The muscles around the airways to shrink when it gets a response like this results in low air flow to the lungs. Mucus is created and it worsens respiratory and run Airways. When this situation occurs, asthma symptoms appear. Sometimes these symptoms are so mild that they can go away with simple treatment taking drugs. But sometimes, these symptoms worsen, this condition is known as an asthma attack. They are also called flare-ups or worsening.

It is highly recommended to go to the doctor if you notice any of these symptoms. Early correct diagnosis can help correct treatment and to prevent chronic life-threatening disease. It is important to note here that sometimes, emergency situation may occur due to asthma attacks requiring immediate care. And any default, it can cause death.

It is inevitable to mention here that asthma can not be cured. If you are healthy and have no symptoms after any initial attack, you are more prone to the asthma attack in the future and it can flare up at any time. But with proper knowledge and care, you can cope up with asthma very well.


Cat Allergy Symptoms Cat induce asthma attacks


Many diseases in children and adults are actually allergic cat symptoms. The source of allergy symptoms is of course feline pet our friends. Today, one of the two homes on a cat for a pet. This shows the millions who suffer from cat allergy symptom (s) to the allergens that cause symptoms ranging from sneezing or severe asthma.

Cat asthma refers to a sudden reaction some have to come in close contact with the cat. The victim suffers from spasms and inflammation of the respiratory system because the immune system protein that is pet dander rejection. This protein is carried in the saliva of the cat and delivered skins Feline (to be pet dander) at constant grooming ritual a cat. In severe cases, the airways can close that he could not breathe

top four characteristics that promote and may indicate an asthma attack is around the corner are as follows :.

1. acute rhinitis.

rhinitis is an inflammation of the nasal passages of the nose. Acute rhinitis means it comes suddenly. Many people who suffer from cat (and often food) allergies have an instant reaction when the kitten is brought near the face. This raises usually fit of sneezing and itchy nose. Often man sneezing uncontrollably. Relief of these symptoms of allergies may comprise a width of oral antihistamines and / or nasal spray to reduce cat allergy symptom (s).

2. Itchy, red, watery eyes.

eyes of some sufferers’ will water so much it may look like they are crying. Eye drops for cat allergy relief are available over the counter and by prescription medical.

3 skin rash or hives.

skin can cause serious side effects if the cat saliva comes in contact with the skin (eg cat lick or rub up against you). A raised red area called urticaria may occur point of contact. Immune system then goes over and continues to make the rash worse. Wash the area could give a cat allergy relief from these symptoms.

4. Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath (dyspnea)

If the dander from the cat is inhaled through the air, swelling and inflammation in the respiratory tract may occur. If irritation persists, causing the immune system to attack the mucous lining, asthma attack occurs.

Anyone with asthma should discuss treatment plan that includes a rescue inhaler if the cat asthma needs to be managed due to the sudden attack. Most people who know they are suffering from symptoms and carry the inhaler to combat inflammation in the airways. Prompt treatment is crucial. If the attack is not improving quickly on hand treatment; call 911 and ask for professional medical help to prevent a fatality.

suffering from a cat allergy symptoms can be difficult if many of your friends, lovers and cat owners. Some things you can do to keep a friendship while avoiding symptoms occur is to ask your friend to put the kitty in the safe (and from) place. Let them know it is not because you’re a cat Hater, but you want to avoid becoming seriously ill. Your friends should understand this.


Get Top Parental Guidelines Treating Child Asthma


When it comes to asthma in children, parents play the most important role in prevention and control. Since the child still lacks the necessary information he / she needs to manage the condition effectively, you will be that they will attack to give them this information. As parents, it is important that you do not know anything and everything about asthma so it will be easier to explain to your child why it’s dangerous and why they need to be treated.

Aside from knowing asthma and out, then you will also know all the medicines will be given to the child. Research or have questions about the drugs that are prescribed. Most parents tend to miss ask important questions such other substances in the treatment and possible side effects that may be present. While it is obvious why you want to ask about possible side effects of medications, the reason for asking combination drug substances to avoid unnecessary allergies. Most drugs prescribed for asthmatics are composed of several ingredients and a child may be allergic to one of them.

As soon as possible to ensure that your child understands his / her situation, this is the reason why you need to learn anything and everything you can about asthma. This will allow you to explain the situation in a simpler and easier to understand terms. You also need to teach your child the importance of taking / drugs their names and times that they need to take it.

In order to help your child manage their condition that you also need to know your child’s asthma triggers. Calls can be found almost anywhere and know which ones can cause factor is important so that it can be avoided. Calls may be present in the food they eat, the weather, smoke, dust mites, pet dander and pollen. Learning all this can take time, but do not get frustrated, in the end it will be worth all the effort you made.

Asthma is a very sensitive and dangerous situation. The sooner you will be able to get everything you need to know more prepared you will be in handling the situation. While it is true that asthma can be doubly difficult to handle the children, it is your responsibility as parents to ensure that the situation does not go out of control.


Dealing with cough Variant Asthma


What comes to mind when you meet someone who has had a persistent cough for about 2 months? Easier response than just persistent flu would be hard to find especially for those with minimal knowledge of the medical world. Ever heard coughing Variant asthma?

Well it was the right word for this type of condition is usually highly of reserved signs. Shortness of breath, wheezing and sneezing is absent in this malaise, unlike conventional asthma. Chronic Variant Asthma is mainly triggered by strong smells, moist air and dust.

Although there is no known cause of ailments, it is more common in younger children when exposed to normal asthma. Allergy blood pressure, migraine and palpation drugs plus aspirin allergies have been known to call it in adult cases jogging in the cold air to be a factor.

Since the physical or radiographic examination for cough variant asthma does not show any signs, tests inhalation meth colin is done. In cases where asthma is present airway narrows and bronchodilators given to the patient to open the area. An asthma inhaler albuterol ipratropium and some anti-inflammatory drugs can be used as treatment.

Cough Variant Asthma is a malaise that is gradually responding to medication. It is therefore recommended that once you’ve started treatment for the same, patience should be the guiding factor, where drugs can take up to 6 weeks before visible results start to show.


Asthma Home Remedy – Honey & Ginger to relieve asthma


There are many different triggers and causes of asthma. And just as there are many triggers and causes, there are also many different resources. Some of these asthma home remedies include consumption of different combinations of food ingredients. Two of the actual ingredients are honey and ginger.

Let’s take a look at some concoctions with honey and ginger.

Honey as a remedy

Honey is very good for asthma. Honey helps to thin the mucus in the body and helps get the mucus from the airways. As you probably already know, mucus accumulates in the breathing passages and blocks airflow in and out of the body. This can trigger or make an attack worse.

You can either take honey in your mouth or you can just breathe in honey if the attack is gone.

Here are some mixtures (along with how often to take them) that combine honey with other ingredients

* One teaspoon of honey with water every day

* One teaspoon of warm water with one quarter teaspoon of turmeric powder twice. daily.

* One teaspoon of honey with half a teaspoon of cinnamon once a day (either morning or night).

* One tablespoon of honey, one tablespoon of drumstick leaves juice, one teaspoon small onion juice and half a teaspoon of asafetida. Mix all this together and eat twice a day.

Ginger as a remedy

Ginger is also very good for asthma. Ginger powder negates effects of activated platelets Factors. This means ginger powder stops inflammation.

When mixed with certain other ingredients, it also acts as an expectorant. This means that it helps you to cough up and get rid of mucus in respiratory phone

Here are some mixtures with ginger in them :.

* One teaspoon of ginger with one cup of fenugreek concoction once a day.

* Fresh ginger juice mixed with honey taken once a day.

* Half a tea spoon of fresh ginger, one teaspoon cumin seeds, a pinch of nutmeg, and a glass of water. Combine all and bring to a boil. Then drink hot.

The effectiveness of honey and ginger

The effectiveness of honey and ginger as asthma home remedy has been proven again and again. However, just like all asthma is triggered by something else, all asthma is actually handled a little differently. Therefore, you need to test to see which one or ones work best for you.

Overall, honey and ginger are two of the most effective ingredients that can be added to the concoction. Honey helps loosen mucus respiratory and ginger helps stop inflammation and also helps get rid of mucus when mixed with certain other ingredients.


Allergy Asthma is a hereditary disease?


Asthma allergy

is widespread respiratory disease that has been affecting young children and young people and continues to be as a problem even in his later years. It is a disease that affects the lungs and is classified by wheezing, trouble breathing, coughing and mucus produced in excess when an attack happens.

asthma symptoms can vary from being just mild discomfort and deteriorating to a point where the patient is suffering could even die. This is entirely dependent on the number of allergen blocking the airway of the person affected. There are various factors that cause asthma and most of these factors are similar to those of a person affected by any normal allergies.

Reasons for allergic asthma

Asthma can be triggered by a lot of factors. This would also allergens such as chemicals, odors, dust, odor. Sometimes even the difference in temperature can cause asthma. It is also a prerequisite for the emotional state of a person and also do certain exercises can trigger allergic asthma. However, in no case would the two patients show the same reaction.

One regular causes allergies is smoke. This causes more by patients child. Available statistics show that as much as 80% of children suffer from the risk of asthma triggered when inhaling smoke. This figure is very disturbing because of rapid industrialization happen, there is a greater chance that people will be affected by allergic asthma.

Asthma can affect all people regardless of their race, age, sex, height or weight. But it is more likely to experience allergic reactions in those who are working in an industry where there is considerable emissions let out the air.

The ideal way to treat allergic asthma is to visit the center where treatments are provided for asthma. In addition to this, the patient has to avoid all the factors that would trigger allergies and last but not least, there is also much drugs available that would have tab allergies.

However, allergies can also be triggered in any man because of inherited. In other words, if a family member has suffered from this is a great chance of anyone else who belong to the same family develop it. So there is a change to say that this is an inherited disease.


Hundur Astmi – Greining og meðferð á astma Dogs


Hundur Astmi

Asthma eða ofnæmi berkjubólga sér stað í hundum, en það er sjaldgæft. Eins og með mönnum, er það vegna ofnæmisviðbragða sem gerir pínulítill loftveganna (berkjum) í lungum fylla með slími; lungun þá krampa, sem gerir öndun erfitt eða ómögulegt

Canine astma getur stafað af sömu vandamálum sem eru til fyrir mönnum:. reyk frá sígarettum eða aðrar tóbaksvörur almenna mengun, ryk úr ýmsum áttum, þar á meðal rusl köttur , og kalt loft eru allar mögulegar heimildir. Aðrar orsakir geta verið næmari fyrir matvæli eða aukefni og rotvarnarefni í þeim ..


Almennt talað, hundur með astma er einkennalaus-án einkenna-þangað til Raunveruleg astmakast á sér stað. Á þeim tímapunkti, hundurinn mun byrja að hósta, önghljóð og hugsanlega andköf fyrir loft.

Hundur Astmi Greining

Áður greiningu lungnasjúkdóma í hundinn þinn, það er mikilvægt að útiloka aðra sjúkdóma sem geta líkja einkennum hennar, ss ræktun hósta. Til að gera það, þú dýralæknir mun framkvæma allt prófið, hugsanlega taka röntgenmynd af lungum. Ef greining er enn ekki hægt, dýralæknir gæti framkvæma berkjuspeglun, málsmeðferð sem berkjum vefjasýni eru dregin til að skoða í smásjá.

Hundur Astmi Treatment

A svið af meðferðir eru í boði fyrir hundinn astma, þar á meðal:.

· Andhistamín – Eins og með mönnum, hjálpa andhistamín skýr umfram vökva og slímhúð frá berkjum og lungum

· Sterar – Sterar geta hjálpað til að stjórna bólgu í lungum, draga úr þrýstingi á berkjum og draga sumir af the vandamál með öndun.

· Berkjuvíkkandi lyf eins og teófyllíni og amínófyllíni eru notuð til að slaka á lungum og brjósti vöðva leyfa meira loft til að slá brjósti og lungum

· innöndunarlyf -. Dýralæknirinn þinn getur ákvarða hvort að nota innöndun lyf, sem hægt er gefinn í gegnum rör í grímu sett yfir andlit hundsins. Þó að þetta ferli getur reynst erfitt í fyrstu bæði gæludýr og eiganda, dýralæknir getur hjálpað bæði þú og hundurinn þinn orðið notað til að vinna

· Innspýting -. Í alvarlegum tilvikum, svo sem þegar astmakasts þínum hundur gæti þurft að adrenalín sprauta til að draga úr bólgu í lungum. Dýralæknirinn þinn getur kenna þér rétta aðferð til að gefa þetta lyf.


Asthma and allergy – Dangerous for the environment can affect asthma and allergy


If you are thinking about buying an older home, it is important to look at all environmental hazards that are present in older homes. Older homes usually can have asbestos, lead, and radon. Poor quality Indoor Air Quality can lead to environmental older home that may affect asthma and allergy. Some of these factors are right in front of you while others are invisible and odorless. Let’s look at some of these topics in older homes.

Asbestos only becomes a problem when the fibers become air and are then inhaled into the lungs. Asbestos has been around for a long time and there is a lot of it out there. Recently, we examined a 1960 home and found asbestos in the kitchen floor tiles and behind the old Wall Heater Unit. If you decide to purchase this type of home, it is important that it be inspected and tested for asbestos. It is very common that you can find asbestos fibers in older homes in plaster and drywall. Most homes built after 1978 are generally considered to be Asbestos Free, but sometimes we find it in homes as late as 1982. Remember to always try to be sure. If you have any questions about asbestos, go to the EPA Website for more information on Asbestos.

Lead has been common in the pipe since ancient times. In Roman times, they even use it to make drinking goblets and water pipes lead. I often wonder if the Roman Empire actually fell due to lead poisoning. Most older homes have lead paint and lead soldered joints of pipe. I remember even make lead soldering pipe in 1984. So, lead pipe can be just about anywhere because lead soldering was for many years. Lead Paint becomes a problem when paint chips are made by children, breathing sanding dust from wooden surfaces or demolition of lead paint walls. It is important to have your home tested for lead in water and the surface of the building. This is especially true if you have young children who like to chew on it. For more information about the issue, check with the EPA about the contaminants in your home.

Radon is an invisible, odorless gas that can cause cancer, according to all the latest information. It goes home from the soil under the home because of the natural process of radioactive decay. If you go to the EPA Website, you will see the radon map showing the local concentration of radon in the United States. Is is important to have your home tested for radon, it is odorless and invisible and you need to know about your home. If you have any questions about radon, go to the EPA Website for the latest Radon.

Finally, asbestos, lead and radon are Environmental hazards that can affect asthma and allergy. These risks should be tested with permission Environmental Inspector to see if they are in your home. If you care about them, go to the EPA Website to learn more about them. If you feel that you are getting ill from this Environmental hazards, contact your doctor immediately.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate from call us or visit our website for more information.


Asthma and Treatment


Many discover that they have asthma often assume that they had some sort of a life sentence when in fact most cases, asthma can be controlled very easily. Knowing everything there is to know about the illness if you have asthma, allows you to control the disease.

main treatment when you look at asthma is avoiding triggers. Asthma triggers are what causes asthma attack and there are often a common denominator calls.

Although many asthma sufferers often find out their calls may be different from other sufferers of asthma, the trick is to find your own triggers and avoid them as much as you possibly can. The work of health workers as well as possible is necessary to ensure that you manage your asthma triggers as much as possible.

The two main treatments for treating asthma are quick relief medicines are used while having an attack and control drugs that help to prevent attacks. Take control agents are essential if you have moderate to severe asthma even if you feel well and healthy

Many asthmatics make the mistake of risk control their medication when they feel well. the problem with doing this is that the attacks may become more frequent and also more intense. If your asthma is fairly mild, you’ll probably be able to get away with just using quick relief drugs if and when you have an attack of asthma.

Commonly used medications for asthma tend inhaled medication hits the source of the problem as soon as possible, this is particularly true of drugs such as short-acting beta-agonists such as Ventolin. Another quick relief medicines are Alupent, Maxam and terbutaline and are also known as bronchodilators.

Quick height differences in the landscape or rescue medications are usually taken when a person starts coughing, wheezing have tightness in their chest. They are usually very effective in most cases (as long as they are made fast enough) to prevent asthma attacks.

preventive / quick relief medications by relaxing the muscles in the airways thus allowing breathing to be much easier when having an asthma attack. A rule of thumb is if you find that you are using your quick relief medication more than twice a week, your asthma is probably not under control and you need to talk to your health care, it may just be that the dose needs to be changed slightly. It is also particularly important that you do not “run out” of the drug, you should always have a good supply on hand ready if it is needed.

effects of quick relief asthma include tremor (especially if a large dose has been taken), anxiety and restlessness, they can also have a negative impact on anyone with heart problems so it is important health care professional is aware of any other health issues you may have especially if they are the heart of nature.

Asthma Control Drugs are usually breathed again for moderate asthma suffer, but if the symptoms and attacks are fairly serious drugs such as steroids can be taken orally. The drugs control taken by inhaler are Pulmicort, Azma Cort, Vanceril, AeroBid and Flovent.

Treatment of asthma medicine focuses ensure you manage your asthma effectively so that there is no reduction in quality of life. They work well because they prevent Airways become inflamed and swollen, they are also known as NSAIDs.

It is very important that if a person suffers from asthma deemed to have control of the drugs they take them as prescribed to ensure their symptoms and asthma attacks are as low as possible.

Asthma is unfortunate but it need not be a life sentence, leading many people suffer asthma full and productive life and find their asthma is only a minor inconvenience most times.

If you would like to know more about asthma and it is a resource click on asthma treatment below.