Recommended diet for asthma patients


Asthma can trigger off due to various factors so it is important to take control of these factors can affect the person adversely resulting in the manifestation of symptoms. Diet is very important in controlling and even correcting certain characteristics. It is very important to have a proper diet regulations when dealing with asthma.

Diet is age-dependent people and so it is extremely important to take care of the patient’s age before planning a diet. General guidelines to follow on very simple. It is important to keep your diet very simple and without much spice. It is important to not eat very heavy meals as they generally tend to place even to push the system. At night it is absolutely essential that asthma should never take a great meal because it can cause discomfort in breathing and can even lead to an attack.

Some food allergens are cause allergic reactions leading to triggering off of asthmatic symptoms. Many additives create effects in asthma patients so they are best avoided. Also resulting excess consumption of sweets to exercise the system that can cause trouble breathing. The food is fried and oily should also be avoided so as not to put undue pressure on the system. Acidic foods like chutneys and pickles should also be avoided as they can cause coughing and lead to undue pressure on the chest area.

Asthma patients should also focus more on eating vegetarian diets rather than non-vegetarian ones for the same reason to avoid exercise pressure on the system. Diet regulations have to be followed for life so it is better to stimulate diversity in the diet so as to overcome the general feeling of monotony and boredom.

Patients should be encouraged to eat lighter and more frequent meals than heavier and standard meals. Also, care should be taken to have dinner at least two hours before sleep time so that the system is relatively relaxed because the stomach being almost empty at night just before sleeping. Certain special recommendations follow while deciding diet asthmatic children and the elderly

diet for children with asthma :. The asthmatic children tend to lose weight faster than they can ever be reached. The basic metabolic rate of a child is higher than in adults and children also participate more in the hectic movement. Level body is fast changing and expect to rapidly growing as more calories are required to support the growth requirement of the body.

The calorie requirement baby’s body is much higher than in adults, for all these reasons. Children need more protein and carbohydrates. Their diet needs to be balanced for vitamins and minerals also so that no extra supplements needed by the body. So make sure to keep your diet asthmatic kids well balanced in every respect and at the same time they should not be made too heavy in any nutrient as it would unnecessarily cause extra pressure on the system of the child.

should be taken to make the diet too fat or too spicy. Too much cooking destroys the nutrient levels in food and food that will not be able to meet up with the nutritional needs of the body. Oily and spicy foods will also cause a lot of stress on the system that is best avoided asthmatic children.

child’s diet should not have sour items they can cause coughing and sore throat. Meal time should be fixed and no major changes should make them very often. Along with the nutritional value of food it is best to keep diversity and the likes and dislikes of the child in mind before serving the meal. It is best to avoid monotony and the kids grow bored very quickly and need to have their interest inspiring all the time.

Water intake child needs to be carefully monitored and the child should be encouraged to consume more water. This is useful in working perspiration secreted often attacks at other times. Candy should be allowed to be consumed in very small quantities.

regular pattern in a healthy and wholesome breakfast, nutritious lunch and dinner is very important to be followed. A heavy dinner tonight is the main culprit behind causing night attacks

Diet for older people suffering with asthma :. The old people exercise less and so their calorie requirement also very less. This makes it very necessary to follow all other dietary rules that have been previously described.

Apart from all the regular checks the most important thing is to follow the patient should have a very high limit fat intake in the diet. Also, to meet the body’s vitamin and mineral supplements is highly recommended. If the patient is under the impact of drugs should be carefully studied so that they may not result in other serious side effects. On the opposite side through the diet is also very useful.


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