Running better with asthma


This information is based on personal illustration while I was practicing asthma sufferers to be a helicopter rescue crew in Sydney. For many of you this might be interesting especially if you have ambitions to join the emergency services, the military or law enforcement. And others just wanted to start running better with asthma, the same rules will apply. Here are the steps

Step 1 -. Lose Weight

If you are overweight, you need to lose weight. All that extra work the body and lungs are going to do is not going to help you run better with asthma, so get your weight under control first

Step 2 -. Smoking and reducing alcohol intake

Believe it or not, asthmatics smoke. If you smoke, you run, you are setting yourself up for disaster. Reduce alcohol consumption as well. This will help with weight loss

Step 3 -. Healthy Eating

Reduce your intake of fried foods and vegetable oils and increase your intake of Omega 3 fatty acids (EFA). This will reduce the inflammation and will certainly contribute to running better with asthma. Increase your intake of filtered water (about 8-10 glasses a day, the minimum and more if you live in a hot / humid environment and / or you sweat a lot). Consume lots of green vegetables – this tends to be higher in magnesium, manganese and other minerals that support healthy lung function. Liquid mineral supplements will also help significantly.

Best you should improve your diet with additional essential fatty acids. As asthma, you need to be consuming about 5 GM EFA a day and you can really only achieve this through supplements. You will be surprised how much of a difference this will make

Step 4 – Warm up and start slowly

you definitely need to spend some time to warm up especially if you live in a cold climate. The best way to do this is to spend about 10 minutes doing some very low impact aerobic activity indoors on an exercise bike or rowing machine. Alternatively, you could start with an easy walk. If you live in a cold country, be plenty of warm clothes so you build up heat. This will definitely help running better with asthma. if you’re new to any kind of aerobic training, this activity may be enough to start with. Remember that you are trying to implement the project and keep your breathing under control and to do this you need to start slowly

Step 5 -. Install Easy Time targets in the first

Start with an easy target. The last thing you want to do is put pressure on you. You first need to get used to running a certain amount of time before you can start to run and operate better with asthma. I suggest 10 minutes in the form of running and walking – so the idea is that you start walking as soon as you experience chest tighten. Take the time to get your breathing under control and start a slow run as soon as you feel better. Have a friend run with you and carry your inhaler. Your goal is to run for 10 minutes non-stop. This may take a few weeks – do not rush it

Step 6 -. Set A Target Distance

When you can run for 10 minutes, put away the target. Now you are bound to run better with asthma. I suggest 5 to 7km target first and increase to 10km. Again, running with friends and you inhalers and do not be afraid to walk if you feel chest restraint website. If you live in a cold climate, remember the cold weather can aggravate the problem so do this in cold extremes. You might even consider doing this indoor walking machine. You have two aims: (1) to complete the distance; (2) to do away with your breathing under control

Step 7 -. Now push yourself (some at first)

To start running better with asthma, you now need to push yourself the same distance from 7 to 10km. Increase your work in small steps and start time myself over a distance. The plan is to begin to see small improvements every week – this can be measured in seconds rather than minutes. Be patient and stick with this approach for a few months and you will notice its Promotion – all the while you will control breathing -. Not the other way if you have to start running better with asthma

breathing techniques

Lose weight and learn how to breathe properly while you exercise more than half battle run better with asthma and the key here is to be relaxed and not ‘over-breathing “

A technique I’ve found very useful for asthma sufferers is Buteyko Technique or Method. The Buteyko method originated in Russia in 1950 by a Russian doctor, Konstantin Buteyko related to the breathing of a variety of respiratory ailments, including asthma.

The method involves a series of breathing exercises done in a specific manner and includes correct use of the body and also includes respiratory , simple lifestyle changes and education about drugs and use (especially that of beta).

If you want to learn about breathing and start running better with asthma find Buteyko expert in your area and file – especially if Time is important to you -. ie if you are training for a fitness test

As a final point, increased breathing exercise causes cooling and drying of the lining of the air passages and it is believed that this is what can cause someone to get exercise-induced asthma. This also explains why warm moist air protects against exercise-induced asthma. Swimming rather than running, training in warmer and moister air and warm up long can all help

Summary :.

To start running better with asthma, you need to:

  1. Lose weight, stop smoking and reduce your intake of alcohol, fried foods a vegetable oils.
  2. Increase your intake of essential fatty acids and minerals, especially magnesium and manganese.
  3. Spend time to warm up before you run.
  4. Build a running slowly and aim to run for 7-10km stable -. All while keeping your breathing under control
  5. Consider participation in the Buteyko breathing techniques to improve breathing naturally.


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