Symptoms and Treatments of Cardiac Asthma


Cardiac asthma is not really asthma in its own sense; it is wheezing Brought upon by congestive heart failure. This is a clinical condition That is caused by extreme reflexive blocking and by edema of the lungs.

What Causes this?

It is mostly due to a major mechanical heart failure and may evenness be life threatening if left unchecked.

Fluid build-up in the lungs is caused by the heart’s reduced efficacy in pumping. The fluid building up in the lungs Causes the air Passage to narrow up and this Produces the wheezing sound and some other related symptoms.

What are These symptoms?

Symptoms occur during exercise or after going to bed. Too much fluid in the lungs connected to heart failure Causes symptoms like coughing and wheezing, short ness of breath in imitation to asthma. Pulmonary edema and cardiac asthma are both symptoms of an impending heart failure. If you’re experiencing Any of These symptoms, it is a must to see a doctor as soon as skies.

Some of the main symptoms are:

• Swollen Ankle That was rapidly worsen Throughout the day

• Waking up breathless after a few hours of sleep and have to sit upright to breath properly

• Having an Uneasy feeling

• Increase in heart beat rate and blood pressure

• Increase in rapid and superficial breathing

• Short of breath Ness Even without wheezing

How is cardiac asthma treated?

The right diagnosis leads to the right treatments. Sjúklinga with this type of asthma RESPOND well to bronchodilators, supplementary oxygen treatments as well as heart failure treatments.


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