Symptoms of asthma – Do You Experience asthma symptoms more than twice a week



asthma symptoms can be significantly reduced by avoiding known allergies and respiratory irritant. There are things in the environment that trigger asthma symptoms and lead to asthma attacks. Allergens such as animal dander (skin, hair or feathers of animals), dust mites, cockroaches, pollen from trees and grass mold (both indoor and outdoor) can trigger asthma irritants like cigarette smoke, air pollution, cold air or changes in weather, strong odors from painting or cooking, scented products can also cause asthma also psychological factors such as a strong emotional expression including crying or laughing hard and stress can trigger asthma A condition called gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) that causes heartburn can increase asthma symptoms, especially at night. This is not an exhaustive list of all the things that can bring on asthma symptoms

If other family members have asthma, you are more likely to develop it. New research suggests that being exposed to things like tobacco smoke, infections, and some allergies early in life may increase the risk of developing asthma in adults can be a recurrence of childhood asthma can develop when a person is middle-aged or older. Asthma control is about more than just treat the symptoms. Asthma is what is known as chronic diseases, which simply means that it usually does not go away when you have it.

Do you experience asthma symptoms more than twice a week? Do asthma symptoms limit your activities? Then you should immediately contact your doctor and change / increase or start while drugs so that you have fewer asthma symptoms throughout the day and night. It is important to recognize and treat even mild asthma symptoms so that the control condition and prevent severe.


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