The correlation between eczema and asthma


There are some similarities from a common dry skin conditions and asthma. Both are related to allergies and show some correlation. There have been scientific studies conducted that have found a gene for asthma and eczema. Research concluded that asthma is a form of a gene that causes eczema, dry skin condition. Both conditions are similar because they are caused by some kind of allergic reaction. You may notice that the child has both eczema and asthma, or you may have received both at one time or another. Because they are both genetic disease, it is likely that if you had one or both conditions, children will have one or both as well.

Allergic reactions can take many forms including internal and external feedback. Eczema is caused by various factors, and allergies are one of the factors. Asthma is also allergic reaction that takes place in the lungs. Most children develop eczema usually first, and then years later you can show asthma symptoms. The transition from having eczema and asthma is called the atopic march. Having a dry skin condition is more common than having asthma, and if you have eczema as it happens that you reduce your chances of getting acceptable salt march.

Recent studies have found the reason for the correlation between the two conditions and an explanation for the atopic march. Dry skin may cause a rash, peeling skin, itching, and secretions from the skin. As this happens, the brain relays messages to the body, the skin is ineffective. The skin’s protective layer and this situation is not fully protected as it should. The secretion, called TSLP, through the blood system and skin. As it travels through the bloodstream, it gets in the lungs that cause asthma. Having an asthma attack the body’s immune system to try to kick into gear.

Treating eczema right and while you are experiencing annoying skin could prevent your child from developing asthma. The skin condition is best treated with organic products do not use harsh chemicals or synthetic materials Medial prescriptions can have in them. The best defense against severe dry skin is to eat right, drink lots of water and keep your skin moisturized with eczema oil , lotions, or other types or eczema moisturizers. Organic materials such as Kukui nut oil, premium emu oil and jojoba oil are rich in vitamin E. This vitamin acts as a moisturizing agent for the skin and is great for your health. Using moisturizers may help to prevent the development of asthma if someone already did not have it.


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