What causes asthma and treatments for asthma


When I was younger, my parents did not know much about asthma and treatments for it. Whenever I would start coughing or wheezing they would immediately pull out the inhaler and tell me to blow it twice. Now do not get me wrong this helped me a lot but it did not stop it from coming back. There are many things that cause asthma to increase not only outside but in the home, and this article will be about what I’ve learned and my experience.

Now with modern medicine, as it stands at the moment, have either stopped looking for causes asthma or have false impressions of the causes. With relations with the “trigger factors” we can only hope to treat the symptoms of the problem but does not cure it. To ensure that you understand asthma and treatments is important to stop symptoms involved. The cause of asthma may be due to the following:

Hypersensitivity (particles that cause allergies) such as dust mites, cockroaches, pollen, molds and animal dander (which are tiny scales or particles that fall off hair, feathers or skin) from any pets

-This are several reasons asthma and treatments for them are:

dust and dust mites – Put mattresses and pillows in airtight covers. Tape over the length of the zipper. Rubber mats are best as mites can not get. Wash all bedding every week in water of at least 130 degrees. Removing the covers at night could help if it is one that is not regularly washed.


prevention strategies include: Limiting the spread of food around the house and especially keep food from bedrooms, keep food and garbage in closed containers. Never leave food in the kitchen, mop the kitchen floor and wash countertops at least once a week, eliminate water sources that attract these pests, such as leaky faucets and drain pipes.

Indoor Mold

When damp, molds can be a problem in the bathroom, kitchen, and basement. Make sure that these areas have good air circulation and are cleaned often. The basement in particular may need a dehumidifier.


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