Young Living Essential Oils can ease asthma symptoms


Young Living makes mix named RC that works incredibly well for asthma. I’ve seen it stop an attack in its tracks, and it is powerful in opening tightened airways and reduce wheezing. When used in conjunction with another mixture, Raven, it does give long-lasting relief.

My husband suffers from asthma, and the combination of Young Living essential oils, high vitamin cod liver oil, a fairly large doses of vitamin C allergy season, and lots of raw milk which studies have shown to have a protective effect against asthma, have won to keep him off his inhaler for two years now. The high vitamin cod liver oil contains vitamins A and D, supporting tissues of the lungs and immune system, and vitamin C is helpful to any allergic reactions.

My children sometimes get bronchial congestion from colds, and RC works incredibly well to help them breathe at night and stop excessive coughing. They have never had to go on antibiotics for secondary infection, so I believe that essential oils help to strengthen immunity so that the body helps to fight off diseases more effectively. I put sometimes R.C. or simply Peppermint in cold mist diffuser in their rooms when they have a cold, it helps to relieve congestion and help their sleep. Cold mist diffusers disperse tiny particles of essential oils in the air so that they can breathe without heating them to high temperatures. In fact, essential oils should never burn because they contain small amounts of volatile organic compounds that can be toxic when heated.

RC works well for ear infections, sinus infections, and I have heard many stories of its ability to treat pain from bone spurs and bunions. Aroma his powerful bracing, and I’ve seen people be surprised again and again how two drops in the palm of deep inhalation can get through congested sinuses and lungs to help with normal breathing.

It is not in human nature to believe that something so simple can be so effective. What is so fascinating to me is that it seems that nature has given us the tools necessary for good health if we simply take the time to explore them. It is a part of a shift to use essential oils in place of cough syrup, for example, but when you make a change, it becomes second nature, and it is hard to imagine using anything else.

I am especially grateful to have come in contact with Young Living essential oils sake of my children. They have at their fingertips a myriad of tools that will help relieve symptoms so they never get used to using over the counter material. They are learning to listen to their bodies and act in a way that works in harmony with nature, and gives no side effects. They enjoy using oils because they smell good and when all is said and done, it’s fun.


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